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For example if you had the bright powder it would lower close combat's accuracy to 90.


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Look at it this way.

Accuracy and Evasivness do pretty much the sme thing, so what is the point? Well, the point is that you can use both to make it certain your opponent never hits you. But, here is another thing, accuracy dissapears whenever the foe switches out (except in the case of Baton Pass) and Evasivness dissapears whenever you switch out.

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Technically it does not, but in a sense that you are less likely to be hit, it kind of does. It doesn't because you can use double team 6 times to max out your evasion, but you could still use sand attack 6 times to lower your foes accuracy all the way, meaning that double team doesn't affect your opponent's accuracy, but it still makes them less likely to hit you.


Whenever you use a move like howl that raises it one stage, and when moves say harshly fell or sharply rose, then that means 2 stages up or down.