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I was training an Eevee to become an Umbreon. It was battling a Rattata, and both Pokemon were at low health. Rattata had more speed. So Rattata used Tackle, but Eevee somehow dodged the attack and won. Eevee as at Level 4, so it did not know/use Sand Attack. Neither Pokemon was equipped with an item. And Tackle had 100% Accuracy, right? How did Eevee dodge the attack? Eevee didn't love me, either. Accruacy and Evasiveness were both unaffected.


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Your Eevee was fighting an Alolan Rattata, right? If so, the reason is the Rattata had the ability Hustle. Hustle increases the bearer's Attack stat by 50% in exchange for decreasing the accuracy of all its physical moves by 20%. So in this case, Tackle had 80% accuracy and had a chance of missing.

The description that shows when an attack doesn't hit is not specific to either accuracy or evasion if I recall correctly, so while Eevee "avoided" the attack, it was Rattata's accuracy that allowed that to happen.

Ohhh. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you rattata! Maybe I won't use Sylveon to entirely dominate your kind!