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I know it has something to do with accuracy and evasion but is there a formula or is it entirely random?


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There is a formula! It's on Bulbapedia.. like, you just need to Google "Pokemon accuracy" and it shows up. Anyway..

The probability that a move will hit is calculated as follows:
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Abase is the base accuracy of the move (in percent - e.g. a base accuracy of 95 is counted as 0.95),
Accuracy is the current accuracy stat of the user (in percent - e.g. raising accuracy by three stages raises this number to 2), and
Evasion is the current evasion stat of the target (in percent - e.g. lowering evasion by two stages lowers this number to 0.6).
If P is greater than 1, the move will surely hit. In a Double or Triple Battle, it is possible for a move that targets multiple Pokémon to hit some and miss others—the probabilities are calculated individually for each Pokémon.

source: Bulbapedia

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Yes, there is a formula that determines if a move misses or not.

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Accuracy and Evasion are the changes that will determine whether a move hits or misses as every move has a set accuracy. This means that when the move was created it was given its accuracy as there isn't a need to use a formula for something that has no variables to be determined.

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