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In BLACK you capture Reshiram which colour is WHITE.In WHITE you capture Zekrom which colour is BLACK.

and please do not answer ''Game Freak wanted it that way''.Think a little, ok ?

No but Yes the game is based on the segeration of black and white but it is a part of Unova's ledgendriy trio of Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyrum. Yang reshiram, Yin zekrom and no yin or yang kyrum oh an it part of chinese ledgend not kung fu symbol it is only in there cause they a the forces of earth

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Do you mean Yin and Yang?
enter image description here enter image description here
If so, it can be theorized, but likely, yes. We don't have Game Freak's actual proof, though it is brought up a lot and is considered to be likely. Fans have a lot of proof that supports this true, so it's safe to say yes.

By the way, Yin and Yang are Chinese legends, nothing to do with Kung Fu.

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that's exacly what i mean, thanks.And why can't i post any images on questions and answers ?
No worries, glad to help!

btw, with the image thing, click the picture button in the toolbar and enter the image URL. That has to be a link to a page the contains nothing but that image, with the URL usually ending in JPEG or PNG or something instead of 'net' or 'com'. Once done, click OK. If its worked, it should come up after you post it.
ok, thanks i'll try
It doesn't work, when i post the URL of the image the icon it shows is a very small image
Strange. Some images are smaller than others, that may be why. If you're getting a little box with an 'x' in it (or a little image of a file) the image isn't going to work. If either of those are what you're making a mistake on, can I have the link to the image? I might be able to find a problem from that.
don't know...
Yeah. It's probably just a little URL error. Make sure you're doing it right, a try with a few different images to test. It might be one image the site doesn't like. Also, this might help:

It's the edit history of my above answer. If you look at the images I've put and the way it is placed, you might find the mistake you might be making.