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I know this is the stupidest question ever!

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This isn't ever really something that's specified due to moral issues. It never really goes beyond life forces and stuff but in the original anime Meowth attempts to eat A magikarp james owned. As much as is know is that a Pidgey tried to eat Ash's Caterpie in the original series. Source Drum roll Here!

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it says heatmor eats durant, ekans eats pidgey eggs, Swalot eats anything...
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Well, Ryenjin gave it to you. Heatmor eats Durant(Fun fact: Most people nickname their Durant Kevin xD), Slwalot and Gulpin eats anything, and Ekans and Arboks eat Pidgeot eggs.

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According to Pokedex entries: Heatmor eat Durant by burning his outer coat and then sucking out his body fluids. In the series, a Pidgey tries to eat a Caterpie. From these facts, you can say that it really depends on witch animal the Pokemon is based off of. Because this is a game that is rate E (10+ in some cases), GameFreak decided not to show Pokemon, well, "EATING" each other. If they did show Pokemon eating other Pokemon, then that would completely destroy the system of Pokemon fainting.

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