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If I use leech seed on a pokemon and it swithches out, will the new pokemon have it on it? If that pokemon comes back will it have it on it? And if I switch my pokemon will my new pokemon get healed?

If I use it in a double battle will both of my pokemon get healed.

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Lets say you were in a battle grottle vrs dunsparce if

grottle used leech seed then switched out for mankey

then mankey would be healed but if dunsparce switched

for a starly then leech seed would be no more

P.S. this is just hypothectical it has nothing to due with these pokemon
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Yes Both of the pokemon will have the hp restored.
Good Question BTW.

What if I use leech seed on a miltank. Then the miltank swithches to a buneary. Will the buneary have the leech seed on it.
And if the miltank comes back will it have it on it.