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Who would be more of a "wall" between the two? Disregard their attack and speed stats.

Wynaut + Eviolite or Wobbuffet?

Wynaut for better defense, or Wobbuffet for the huge HP?


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In all seriousness, Wobbuffet, from your tag "Uber". Wobbuffet's main purpose is to come in and kill something after taking huge hits with its massive HP. The more HP Wobbuffet has, the more powerful Counter / Mirror Coat are.

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It should also be noted that Wobbuffet can hold Custap Berry, making it easily the better Pokemon.
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Definitely the Wobbuffet. Wynaut's Defenses are too low for Eviolite. It'd barely live a hit, and Wobbuffet just might live two. Even if it doesn't, it'll certainly survive an attack that isn't super effective, I'm guessing maybe even STAB Earthquake from some, but I might be out of my mind there, I can't run damage calcs. Either way it'll give a guaranteed kill if Lvl. 100 and EV trained in HP, and it survives. No Pokemon as much more than 700 health. So, we can say Wobuffet is better, although I hate Wobbuffet.