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These guys can't really have Moveset Questions but idk about their EVs


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For Ditto, you just have to max out the HP. If you run impostor, then there are no points on having other than 252 HP. if not, then this spread may satisfy you:
252 HP / 252 Speed / 4 Defense or Special Defense.

As for Wobbuffet, I would say if it is Bold, Relaxed or Impish (Do not use Lax or Gentle) then go for 252 HP/ 92 Def/ 164 SpDef.
And if it is Calm, Careful or Sassy then run 252HP/ 164 Def/ 92 SpDef.

PS: For Wobbuffet, I credit MiniNinetales on this question (OK, I stole it).

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For Ditto, HP and Speed are most important. 252 HP/252 Speed/4 Defense or Sp. Defense. With Ditto, you'll probably be running Choice Scarf to ensure tat you are faster than the opponent. Being able to outspeed the opponent is probably one of the most important parts of using Ditto.

For Wobbuffet, you definitely want to put 252 in HP. To me, the goal of using wobbuffet is to make sure they do a lot of damage to you, so I'd actually consider putting the rest in Speed, so you can outspeed slow Pokemon and encore or destiny bond them. Wobbuffet has no use for Attack and Special Attack, and increasing the defensive stats mean that you do less damage back to them on the counter moves. I'd do something like 252 HP/252 Speed/4 Defense or Special Defense.

Increasing the defensive ensure longevity; otherwise, the first super-effective move would KO you.