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Okay so my family went on a house hunting trip in Texas so I decided to do something to pass the time. I began my Alpha Sapphire nuzlocke on the plane to Houston. So far, I have lost a Pelipper, a Graveler, a Beautifly, a Gyrados, a Tropius, a Skarmory, and a Torkoal. My surviving Pokemon are:

Mega Swampert (Snapper) @ Swampertite
Torrent/Swift Swim
Quiet Nature
•Hydro Cannon

Breloom (Burberry) @ Rocky Helmet
Poison Heal
Rash Nature
•Seed Bomb
•Poison Powder (For catching Pokemon)
•Sky Uppercut
•Rock Smash (Not for battle)

Camerupt (Bessie) @ Soft Sand
Magma Armor
Calm Nature
•Overheat (For 1hit KO's)
•Lava Plume
•Stone Edge

Mega Altaria (Melody) @ Altarianite
Natural Cure/Pixilate
Naughty Nature ;)
•Draco Meteor (For 1hit KO's)
•Cotton Guard

Mega Banette (Prada) @ Banettite
Bashful Nature
•Shadow Ball (Until Phantom Force)
•Sucker Punch
•Dazzling Gleam (Coverage)
•Calm Mind (For Sp. Atk)

Hariyama (Whiskey) @ Amulet Coin (I'm broke...)
Impish Nature
•Close Combat
•Wake-Up Slap

As a rule I said that I wouldn't do organized EV's until Victory Road and here I am, yet I'm torn. Someone help me control my indecesiveness! XD

SIDENOTE: The reason why Hariyama has such a bad moveset is because I just caught him to replace my Graveler, his name was Monroe and he died from an Earth Power :(
Any tips on EVs will help and if you bother with moveset just give me offensive moves, I'm not one to waste turns prepping my stats XD Also, Cameruptite isn't being held because it's post game :(

I already know these:

252 - Sp. Attack

252 - Attack

252 - Sp. Attack
252 - Attack

252 - Sp. Attack

252 - Sp. Attack


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I'm not the best at EV spreads, but I'd say...

Swampert- 252 HP 128 Attack 128 Special Attack

Breloom- 252 speed, 252 attack, 4 HP.

Camerupt- 252 attack, 252 special attack, 4 HP

Altaria- 252 HP, 252 special attack, 4 attack.

Banette- 252 HP, 128 attack, 128 special attack.

Hariyama- 252 attack, 252 HP, 4 defence.

And I'll recommend some movesets just because I can. :D

Hariyama- Knock off, close combat, fake out, and maybe heavy slam- or just keep detect.

Banette- Sucker punch, Shadow claw(or phantom force), calm mind/Charge beam and Dazzling gleam.

Swampert- Surf, Waterfall, Earthquake, Dive.

Breloom- Spore, Sky uppercut, Seed bomb, Rock tomb/Stone edge/Rock slide/Rock smash.

Altaria- Fly, Moonblast, roost, dragon pulse/Draco meteor.

Camerupt- Flamethrower, Earth power, rock slide, Overheat.

I'm not 100% sure if you get all of these moves before the E4, but I hope I helped! :3

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Thank you! This was very helpful :D
No problem!! I'm glad I could help! :D