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No more 252/252. What's the process for thinking of the best EV spread to bring out their max potentials?

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Well, it depends on the Pokemon and what role you want. For example, a "glass cannon" like Gengar, which can attack quickly and powerfully, but can't take more than two hits under normal circumstances, could use a set like this: 252 Speed / 252 Special Attack / 4 HP.
A bulkier Pokemon, like Aromatisse, would need them more spread out among its defensive stats, like 152 Defense / 104 SDefense / 252 HP.
I recommend you get a tutor if you need help with EV spreads and such. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/44184/new-server-friendly-tutor-and-apprentice

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Evs are to bring out Pokemons max potentials.

Evs depend on the Pokemon you are planning to ev train. You choose the evs for the Pokemon, how to spread it, and and train it.

Pokemon such as Blissey, a big Wall, should have a example ev spread of 252 def/252 Sp, def/ 4 hp/atk/sp. atk, depending on you

Pokemon such as the famous Rotom, should have evs of 252 Sp. Atk, 252 speed, 4 hp

The process is made easier n gen 6, as super training is avilable very early and bring hordes of Pokemon using Sweet Scent or Honey.

It depends on the Pokemon, bring out the highest stat of the Pokemon to their highest poteintal, making them VERY hard to beat.

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