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I need to know what your average Milotic will be running an VGC 2015, but I looked on Nugget Bridge and Smogon and I couldn't find it on either of them. This is a problem, since I have pretty much no way of knowing what any of the standard spreads are. Is there a place where I can find the standard EV spreads for all (or at least most) of the Pokémon of VGC2015?

EDIT: I guess I didn't make it very clear. I need to know what my opponent's Milotic will likely be running, not my own Milotic.

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More than often you will have to MAKE your own new spreads. That's because spreads are different depending on what you're team can handle and what it can't. So most players would not even know that there's a place for 'standard' EVs.
I'm talking about the standard spreads for other Pokémon, not mine. For exaple, if 42% of Milotic ran 252 HP / 212 Def, I would prepare for that one first.
This site hasn't been updated since October, but it may still be useful. http://sweepercalc.com/stats/vgc.html
Scil's already made the point tbh, the only spreads that you find are those that you make. Just adding a bit tho: One could also scrap spreads from other similar looking teams (preferably those by more experienced players).

For instance I built a team using Trick Room Abomasnow, and I need a spread for it. I could look for other teams that had the same idea, take the ideology behind their spreads. and either use the same one or a similar one. Imitation is the first thing a person does before advancing.

As for standard sets though, they aren't anywhere yet.
I am making my own spreads, but in order to do that I need opposing Pokémon's spreads to counter. I just edited my question to say so.
Thankfully my point still stands though. You could also EV / prepare for those spreads that you see on other's teams. They are the most likely ones to show up in most other teams. You can also see the damage done to your pokemon and judge their EVs.

For eg.- only a fully invested and Modest Milotic can deal more than 50% damage to my uninvested Weavile. This means that at least 100 EVs are put into Special Attack, meaning he's most likely running a offensive spread. It's a little harder than that, but most people do this to figure out the opponent's investment.
Yes, thank you for your input. It was helpful in coming up with a spread for Tyranitar.

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Ok Astro, this is going to be a bit convoluted, so bear with me.
Now, we don't have any way of knowing what EVs spread your opponent's Milotic is going to use, BUT we know what it's using right now AND we know what its counters are using.

Here is the convoluted part, so pay attention.

let's NOT concentrate on Milotic, but on the pokémons that are a good counter to it.
This link may help you.
If I was in your shoes, I would study the EVs spread of those pokémons, create a Milotic able to eliminate them AND THAN create a pokémon with EVs spread able to obliterate that Milotic.

Side ways thinking Astro.

Either way, don't be the one waiting for other people's EVs spreads, be the one making them.

Go out there and make us proud buddy!

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Side ways thinking… I never thought of that, Thanks a mil!