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For the first prototype of my VGC 2015 team, I am using Lapras due to her natural synergy with my Tyranitar and Garchomp, as well as her ability to OHKO a plethora of threats with Freeze Dry. However, I cannot decide on her final move. One is the standard Ice Shard priority, while the other is the highly situational Tickle.

[email protected] Sitrus Berry
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: to be decided
Quiet/Modest Nature (depending on Move #4)
- Freeze Dry
- Hydro Pump
- Protect
- Ice Shard/Tickle

Ice Shard would require me to run a Quiet nature and invest a few EVs in Attack. It allows me to pick off weakened mons and is very useful in the lategame, when I'm fighting weakened Landos and Garchomps. Tickle, on the other hand, is much more situational but still has a niche on my team. Here's my reasoning behind it:

One of my other team members is Mega Manectric, and I was planning on using Lapras + Manectric as one of my leads. Lapras elminates dangerous Rotoms, etc., while any Thunderbolts aimed at Lapras are sucked in by Manectric (non-Mega). Here's where I run into my problem. Defiant Bisharp is running all over the place, which really puts a clincher on Mega Manectric's Intimidate. I gave him enough EVs to survive a +1 Sucker Punch, but just barely and a double-target would kill him. The thinking behind Tickle is to drop Bisharp back down to neutral so that he does less damage to Manectric with Sucker Punch while he OHKOs. Using Tickle would also mean that I could run a Modest nature and not have to worry about losing speed.

So there's my argument for Tickle. I know Ice Shard is still the better option, but Tickle could help turn the tide of battle in my favour. Thoughts?

EDIT: I just got a Modest Lapras off of the GTS.

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Tickle will not lower Bisharp's attack. It will raise it by 1 stage, because:

>Tickle lowers the target's Attack and Defense by one stage each.

and Defiant will raise Bisharp's attack by 2 stages. So if that's your reason to use it, then Tickle is useless, and Lapras might as well have Ice Shard instead.

Some other considerations for Lapras' 4th move:
- Confuse Ray
- Icy Wind (but will trigger Defiant/ Competitive)
- Safeguard
- Protect (always useful in doubles).

If Bisharp proves way too much of a problem, then use something with Rage Powder/ Follow Me, like Amoongus/ Togekiss.

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I feel dumb now… totally forgot that that would activate Defiant as well. And I already have Protect. I'll rn some more calcs and see how a -1 Atk -1 Def opponent other than Bisharp would benefit my team. Thanks a mil!
Oh I guess that makes 2 of us that can't read. :P