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I want all my pokemon in my team to have offensive capabilities so I thought of choice specs lapras. I thought letting it hold choice specs is useful because then I can freely train my lapras on the defenses while still having good offense without ev training them since choice specs boosts the sp attack. It also can make up for his mediocre sp attack. Lapras is the only pokemon that fits into my team. Heres what I wanted:
1)a DUAL type water pokemon of the type i dont have yet. So no water type combined with ground,grass,flying, steel, fighting,dark,and poison since i already have pokemon with those types in my team.
2)High hp that goes over at least 400
3)Sp defense wall(my team lacks a sp defender so lapras fits perfect)
The moveset is:
Ice beam
The problem is 1)I have a steelix holding choice band already so does it hinder to have 2 pokemon with choice items? 2)Psychic has no effect on dark and thunderbolt has no effect on ground so if they switch in when i use those moves, I have to switch back again since it cant use a different move. So my question is, Is a lapras with choice specs useful?


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First off, having two Pokemon with Choice items can be annoying, but if you use them correctly, it will be fine. So Choice Specs Lapras would work if you want a TANK. Because if you are attacking while using those Defenses that's a tank. You wanted a special wall. So if you want more of a attacker/defender (make sure you put in good EVs) use Lapras. Otherwise, I'd say Jellicent would work fine.

Jellicent is immune to 2 types (which helps so you can switch in on normal/fight moves) and can learn greawt walling moves, like most ghosts can. Althought lapras has higher total stats I like Jellicent = )
Try this:
Destiny Bond/Pain Split
Surf (for taunt)
Confuse Ray
w/ calm. So you're cool.

Well I meant tank not wall sorry, i get those 2 mixed up all the time. So Im guessing lapras would work fine?
Sure but replace psychic with calm mind.