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Hey, quick question, just got a Heatran in Pokemon pearl, you can only get one per save file and this is the only one of my three with a decent ability. It got Jolly, which is decent as I wanted better speed to outspeed Pokemon like mamoswine, but the sp. attack becomes worse. So my question is if it should have a choice specs to make up for that?

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If you haven't saved, then you can soft-reset. If you already saved, then using choice specs means not getting a big speed boost from choice scarf (or benefiting from some other item), so I think you should just pretend it's a regular Heatran and hope it works.
Also what moves do you want on your Heatran?
Flamethrower, dragon pulse, flash cannon, earth power

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If you don't give Heatran a choice scarf, then you lose matchups like Gyarados, Dragonite, and Lucario. So I think a Heatran with slightly lower special attack is still better than one without a choice scarf.