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Now Im trying to decide which one of these water types to use on my team. Dont request anything else other than these 2 by the way. Anyway, either one im using, im going to make them both hold a choice specs to make them an effective special sweeper as well as being bulky. But which one do you think is better? I like lanturn because of his volt absorb ability and his unique part electric typing and his high hp. But i like lapras as well because he has water absorb and even higher hp and can be a specially defensive tank with choice specs. Im leaning more towards lanturn only because of his electric typing but which one is actually more useful? and by the way, i dont have any other electric or ice type pokemon in my team now.


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One of the reasons is that he is not weak to Earthquake. A good set would be: T-bolt, Ice-beam, Surf/Hydro-pump, and Dragon-pulse/Hidden-power(Fire/Ground). Lots of bulk and can actually take a strong physical hit. Also very Specially bulky.

Thanks SP.
But I just want to mention that lanturn does have an earthquake weakness but lapras also has the common fighting type weakness
oh right!!
mah bad.
I said that the reason I put Lapras there is because he does not have a Weakness but that Lanturn does.