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I want to use choice specs kyurem in natdex ag, who is known for its wall breaking capablities and can also kind of check mega rayquaza. I haven't seen a choice specs varient so I want to know how viable is it.

Kyurem-what? Normal or Black/White?
its white kyrem btw
Check? It doesn't check Mega Rayquaza at all. It almost instantly drops to a single life orb boosted dragon ascent and that's without the help of stealth rocks. If anything I'd say that it competes with the black form since it also has dragon dance and that it struggles with whatever the name of that new fairy steel dog that doesn't get tired carrying a sword is. On a wild guess, it's probably not that good

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Good, but not that valuable for a team slot.
Reshiram, Eternatus, etc. is virtually superior to it, because of a reliable Fire-type move and STAB which deals with Zacian-C and much better STAB, since Ice/Dragon type is much worse compared to Fire/Dragon and Poison/Dragon. While Eternatus in its own way is the best T-Spikes killer.

  • Specs Kyurem-White should only be chosen in Sticky Webs team, since Kyurem-W is slow (95 Spe only).
  • Scarf Kyurem-White is much better for non-Webs team, and only way of beating M-Ray with it. Life Orb M-Ray pretty much OHKOes Kyurem-W before you can make a move.

252+ Atk Life Orb Rayquaza-Mega Dragon Ascent vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Kyurem-White: 390-460 (99.7 - 117.6%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO

  • I don't think you gonna run 252 HP/252 Def to stop it , so Kyurem-White is not much of a check to it unless it has been slowed by V-Create or Kyurem-W is Scarf.

Kyurem-White D to UR
"I really dont wanna explain why something like Kyurem-White is entirely outclassed by Xerneas or Eternatus."

Reshiram D to UR
pretty sure this doesnt do anything too unless theres a flames Dynamax set which I'm not told about. Even if there is one, I'd want to know why this should be used over Eternatus, Xern or Pogre.

  • Kyurem-White has been really terrible in Gen 7 AG and Nat Dex AG, might be something in Gen 8 AG, but there's no reason to use this over Eternatus considering the latter outspeds M-Ray.
  • So we may conclude that Kyurem-White isn't any too good and outclassed by Eternatus since it didn't even got D Rank.
    Who cares, Kyurem-White was always OP, no matter what these people tell :P
    Hope this helps!
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