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How does EV training work???-----> Is there anyway to reset EVs? Do you have to start EV training the Pokemon right when you get it? Do the EVs upgrade only when I level up the Pokemon?


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First of EV means Effort Values. EV training works by working on a particular stat to increase it when your Pokemon actually levels up. There are many ways to ev train. You can use hordes to EV train or use Super Training. The only way to reset evs is by using a Reset Bag found in Super Training. You want to start ev training your Pokemon at the lowest level possible. This is because when you level up your Pokemon the stat that you ev trained in will increase and you'll have a higher stat. Yes it only matters when level up the Pokemon. Items such as The Power items and Macho brace can help when EV training. Also Pokerus is good to have on a Pokemon when EV training as well. Hoped this helped.

I myself is a source because I do this on a daily bases.
This link should help with the general process of ev training and horde training: http://nuggetbridge.com/blogs/entry/415-ev-training-hotspots-in-pokémon-x-y/

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What is supertrainkng? And can you do it in soul silver? Do EVs only come from wild Pokemon?
Super Training is a mini game designed to increase a pokemon evs. Sorry this feature was introduced in 6th generation. No, every pokemon you face including trainer's pokemon give off EVs. If a trainer has a Hoppip and you made it faint, your pokemon would gain 1 Sp.Def ev
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