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hello! I'm new to this website :D

so um.. I want to ev train a flygon with attack and speed..

should I ev train it when its a trapinch? or use rare candies till it evolves to flygon then start ev training?

also um what I said above... is it still the same results either way?


sorry if it is confusing but if you can help me it would be really great! thank you <3

thank you guys! :D

3 Answers

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The results are always the same. I can ev train a magikarp and when It evolves into gyrados, it will still have it's evs. If you need more help, you can check this website ev page. You can ev train your Pokemon at any stage level, and time: http://pokemondb.net/ev

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You can start Ev training Pokemon from level 1. That means you can begin to Ev train your flygon when he is a Trapinch. so the EVs carry through all stages of a Pokemons evolution chain.

When Ev training you get Evs by just defeating Pokemon. so for example to Ev train your flygon for attack defeating patrats while holding the power bracer item you will always gain 5 evs. 1 for defeating patrat and +4 for holding the power bracer. I recommend reading up on Ev training since your new to it.

Use this link to help understand ev training : http://pokemondb.net/ev
and this one to get a view of what Pokemon yield different evs: http://pokemondb.net/ev/all

Hope I helped :)

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So, heres how you would do it.

For Attack

Flygon @ Power Bracer

Give it ten Protein and battle 31 Patrat/Lillipup. Or just battle 51 Patrat/Lillipup.

For Speed

Flygon @ Power Anklet

Give it ten Carbos and battle 31 Purrloin. Or just battle 51 Purrloin.

So, it doesnt matter when you EV train it, you just have to do what I put up. Doesnt matter if its level 1 or 100.

Hope I helped!