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So ive recently heard about lc and I'd like to try it out. I know you can have any move that the unevolved Pokemon has at leves five with egg moves and tms and such, but the ev training stumps me. I have way to many pokedollars in xy(lots of grinding) so I thought of vitamins. Ive heard they cant bring a stat to 252 but wings can, and can someone just help me out with this, and tell me how pokerus and power items effect it. Thanks in advance.

Just remember that when you are EV training LC pokemon, the EVs cannot go to 252 because it'll be the same as you put 196+ EVs. You can test this on Showdown

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Well since you have cash to spare try this:

Increase the EV's to the max possible with vitamins or to the level you wan't and then Super train the rest onto the Pokemon, this will not increase it's level. To increase it to Lv 5 without going over just verse very low leveled pokes. Wings can also help but I wouldn't use them myself there just to hard to get in bulk. Power items and Pokerus will only effect Ev's gained through battling wild pokes and with LC you can't do that unfortunately.

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Ok, but i have a question, when can you tell if they have max evs, because steelix said they cant go to 252 in vitamins. Or do they tell you you cant do this anymore?
If you use 252 EVs in one stat, then it will be just the same thing as if you use 196+ EVs. This will kinda be a waste of resources :(. Try it on Showdown!
That's what i meant, sorry for the unclear meaning :(.
You can't get exact amounts of EV's but you can get a rough estimate from the triangles in super training.