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Max lv. is 5, so how do i ev train pokemon without getting them over
lv 5. I need some moves for my pokemon too. ^_^

> My team:
> Buizel: thinking to put these ev's- 252 sp. attack/252 HP/4 speed
> Moves: Surf, Brine, Sonicboom, ?????
> Elekid: thinking to put these ev's- 252 attack/252 HP/4 defence Moves:
> Moves: Thunder Bolt, Quick attack, ?????, ?????
> Gible: thinking to put these ev's- 252 defence/252 sp. defence/4 speed
> Moves: Outrage, stone edge, stealth rock, ?????

Please help me with Movesets too!
This is PkMN Platinum

I played around with the bold and all, it looks pretty awesome now! ^____________!____________^
Sonicboom is banned in LC
oh right kay

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There is a glitch in Pokemon Emerald wherein you can allow eggs to fight. It is called the Pomeg glitch. Just to give an overview, you can level up, evolve, and EV train the Pokemon inside the egg, but when they hatch, they will hatch at level 5, at their basic form, with all the moves they learned while in the egg. Using this glitch, I was able to get a Staryu that knows Signal Beam, Psychic, Hydro Pump, and Calm Mind. (Staryu learns Signal Beam via Gen 4 tutor as a Starmie, Psychic via TM as a Starmie, Hydro Pump at it's 30's, and Calm Mind via TM as a Starmie) Here's the link: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pomeg_glitch

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First off:

You asked some of those, so... :P

You really just have to do math. Look at the EXP rate of growth for that Pokemon, get Pokerus, and hold the Power Brace, Anklet, etc. Then, battle Pokemon that give almost no EXP, such as a Magikarp.

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