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Please don't include legends because they will be there and I like to play nuzlockes with no legends :). Also don't include post game Pokemon only include the original 146 (this number is exclusive of the legend and mythical).

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Those are better IMO

Kadabra / Alakazam
Availability: Early
Stats: Above average
Movepool: Average
Additional Comments: Psychic typing is very useful for all the Poison-types that are in the game. High Special Attack and Speed stats net quick and easy KOs. However, needs to be traded to fully evolve, which requires two Gameboy Advances/SPs and a link cable or wireless adapter.

Availability: Early
Stats: Average
Movepool: Very wide
Additional Comments: Has well-distributed stats and learns a vast amount of TMs and in-game move tutor moves.

Availability: Early
Stats: Above average
Movepool: Very wide
Additional Comments: Learns a vast amount of TMs and useful moves upon level up, and is very bulky both physically and specially. Can also be evolved as soon as it is obtained with a Moon Stone.

Availability: Beginning
Stats: Above average
Movepool: Shallow
Additional Comments: Learns 3 useful status moves and has a useful Grass-typing in the beginning of the game. However, there are many Poison-types in the game, which both of Bulbasaur's STABs are not very effective against.

My comments: Best against the first 3 gym leaders (super-effective against Brock and Misty and resistance to Surge).

Hope this helps.

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If you're copy pasting from a source, then use ">" to quote it. I'll do this time for ya.
there is 1 thing that makes me confused, why is nidoking stats "average" while clefable stats "above average"?
nidoking stats is definitely higher than clefable :/
https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/pokemon-firered-and-leafgreen-in-game-tier-list.3690097/ is more up-to-date and detailed than the source you used. I recommend using that source for FRLG in-game team questions.
More importantly, this question is asking about Nuzlockes. Clefairy and Abra are unreliable in Nuzlockes because of the "catch only one Pokemon in each location" rule.