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So I am doing an hardcore nuzlocke in fire red where I am only allowed to use mons having a bst between 300 and 500.So will this be able to handle misty my team is down below -


My only good option is gloom but is it good enough to solo misty by it self?

can you add moveset, natures and stats please?
assuming your Pokemon are about level 20 (since magikarp evolves at level 20) you should be able to defeat her
but I dont think you can defeat her using only gloom. if you want a more clear answer please post your Pokemons moveset,level,nature and stats
Hate to break it to you, but Gyarados has a BST of 540. You've already lost the nuzlocke if you've used it in battle, seems like. Sorry.
If only you chose Bulbasaur as a starter though...
psyduck ty for telling I havent done an battle with it yet just got it upto it.
Greaninja I always you bulbasaur in canto and wanted switch things around a little.

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Gloom is nearly recommended for the entire battle.

Gloom might tank Water hits from Starmie/Yu but Absorb is a weak move, it doesn't learn Mega Drain at all in this Gen so you have to stick with Absorb for the entire battle.

A far more recommended option is to use Gyarados against Starmie, Bite does super effective damage against it.

Tough luck for you.

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As I mentioned in the comment above, using Gyarados would break his nuzlocke's rules.