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Ok I wanna see if this will work. I have Pokemon black 2, and I want to start hatching shiny Pokemon. I'm using the Masuda Method and I have the shiny charm. I have a female haxorus from Japan and a male from my game. I know the odds are 1/1366(not sure if the shiny charm increases chances). So heres my plan, I save before I pick up the egg from the daycare. Take the egg and four more to fill the slots and then take it to the Nursery I have in my join avenue. Hatch all if no shiny I soft reset and start over, but this time I let the daycare man keep the first egg and take the ones after it. I've notice that each time I did this the axew would come out different, so I'm hoping this will work. So please anybody help me out here I dont want to be wasting time ha.

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The eggs will always come out different as long as you save before you take them from the man, as the egg will always be determined everything about the Pokemon after you take it from him.

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So it will work then? But which is better doing this or just getting the eggs and riding back& forth on a bike?
It will work. What i say is that you get them all at once so they all hatch around the same time.
One last thing my haxorus is holding an everstone will that effect the masuda methed?
The nature has a (im pretty sure 50%) chance of being that of the parent holding the Everstone