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I've been looking up Pokemon on google when I saw a website called creepypasta wiki and it said Pokemon. What is a Pokemon creepypasta? (P.S. I heard of these like Blue Tears, Lost Silver and Hypno's Lullaby etc.)

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....Those things haunt me for like two days, and after two days of paranoia I get over it. Geez, those are scary. Try reading Buried Alive.
Oh Gosh read and scared the poop out of me
Geez! i looked them up a second ago and read the first 6. They were enough to melt into my mind and they scared the everything out of me.
Pikafail ,please give me a link for that stories !:-)
Oh gosh the pictures, description and clips = "O__o"
@Darkstar I don't want to cause trust me I started searching it up and it literally made me close the laptop and go outside for like 5

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It's short scary supposedly horror stories about Pokemon like the ones listed above

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Wow, really? He got that many points for that? Not saying he should get less, but that's impressive...