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I am positive, POSITIVE I am in the right spot. My keldeo isn't changing it's form. What is going on? I didn't hack my system. It can't be a glitch. I want my sexy keldeo resolute TT^TT

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You just said mountain thing, so you are definitely at the right place.

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Have you done all of the following things?

  • Got the Gamestop Keldeo in Pokemon Black/White.
  • Traded it over to Black/White 2.
  • Taught it Secret Sword via Move Tutor in Black/White 2.
  • Went to the place I told you in your last question.
  • Interacted with the Keldeo.

Theses are the steps to get Keldeo, I have got it by doing all of this.
Oh yes, and its Super Awesome!

Read more here.
Read this too.

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LolzLolzLolzLolz. Ohh that is soooo annoying. I really sympathise you Glig :(