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I am probably going to have this moveset

bug buzz: STAB, good power ,good accuracy/attack order: STAB, high critical hit ratio, and good accuracy and power

air slash: STAB, good power , foe may flinch, and pretty good accuracy

heal order: obvious reasons

power gem: good power and accuracy

If you have other suggestions please say them.


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Well, Bug Buz and Attack Order have the same accuracy and power and they are the same type. Attack Order is Vespiqueen's "Signature Move" and it fits better.It is a move that only Vespiqueen can learn and it's a pretty good attack.Also Attack Order has a high critical hit ratio and that makes it better than Bug Buzz.So Attack Order it is.

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Actually, it is Attack Order that has the high critical hit ratio, not Bug Buzz.
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Well lets see air slash is a special move along with power gem. Well lets see what what are the differences.

Bug Buzz- Special attack, has a chance of lowering special defense
Attack Order- physical attack, has a critical hit ratio

Well since you are training in special attack you don't wanna spend unnescery evs on attack and if you get the special defense drop it will make your job easier. So bug buzz is the better option since you have a special set.