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50 Lock-On NORMAL
50 Zap Cannon ELECTRIC

How can Probopass learn 2 moves at the same time?


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No, it's not a typo or anything. Plenty of Pokemon learn moves at the same level (just can't think of them at the top of my head but I'm pretty sure there are a few who learn the Powder moves the same level).

What happens is the game asks you if you want to teach your Pokemon the first move (Lock On in this case). Once you decide whether or not to teach your Pokemon that move it goes on and asks you if you want to learn the next move, Zap Cannon.

Edit: Yep, I was right on the mark with that Powder thing. Butterfree level 12: Poisonpowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder.

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Well, in B2/W2 Probopass learns Zap Cannon and LOck-on at Level 50.

So it'll ask you Does Probopass want to learn Zap Cannon? once you answer that, it'll ask you for Lock On. I hope this answers your question:

In B/W Probopass learns Zap Cannon at 67 and Lock-On at 73.

Source: Serebii, this site, Psypoke

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Why should it be impossible for a Pokemon? Lot of Pokemons can learn more moves at the same time. And these moves fits well together, soo... It's is just how Game Freak wanted it, and that's the right answer.
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