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It seems pointless to me. My source is the Pokemondb page, so did Pokemaster make a mistake?

My guess is that it isn't a mistake.  Just the other day I bred for an egg move only to find out that I didn't have to because the move was learned at level 1.  I forgot which Pokemon it was (although not Spiritomb).  Many Pokemon have the same arrangement, but I haven't personally tested Spiritomb so this isn't a complete answer.
Gamefreak's logic is a dark and scary thing, you should not mess with, question, try to change, destroy, and/or... do something else to it.
but seriously, gamefreak has done some weird things over the years
^ lol I agree.

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If a Pokemon learns a move by levelling up, it also becomes an egg move. Take Spiritomb for example. It learns Shadow Sneak by level up. So, if you put it in the daycare with Shadow Sneak, the offspring will also have Shadow Sneak.

Hope this helps!

But Spritomb hatches knowing shadow sneak regardless of its parents' movesets...
Well some Pokemon get it as an egg move but some must have it on their moveset.
Take two actors for an example (A and B). Use Shadow Sneak as the skill to act. A is naturally good at acting bc A belongs to an acting family but B has to train and become good.
but spritomb is only one species...
Well one cannot expect all Pokemon to be EXACTLY the same
Imagine this: You've recently hatched a Spiritomb.

- By default, it would have Pursuit / Shadow Sneak (default) / Spite / Curse

- If any more than two egg moves were passed down, then Pursuit and Shadow Sneak would not have been learned. The moveset would be like this:
Egg move 1 / Egg move 2 / Spite / Curse

- But if alongside the two egg moves, you had also passed down Shadow Sneak, then the moveset would be like this:
Egg move 1 / Egg move 2 / Shadow Sneak (egg move) / Curse

See the difference? Those were the two ways by which Shadow Sneak could be gotten on Spiritomb (other than Move Reminder, because he is not concerned here).
You could have just answered.