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I noticed that Mandibuzz can learn roost as both an egg move and a TM move. Since TM moves pass down the same way as egg moves, doesn't that mean that any TM move is automatically and egg move? (unless the Pokemon is 100% male or genderless)
Again, my source is the Pokemondb page, so was there an error?

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No error.  It happens, it's useful, it does have a practical purpose for people who haven't finished gameplay.  Beyond that I can't think of any competitive benefit that applies to anything.  Just Gamefreak being Gamefreak.

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Prior to Gen V, tms were once-use. Therefore, you could breed them if you had used the tm.

But since that's true, any TM move is automatically an egg move, unless the Pokemon is all male or genderless. What's the point in having them noted separately?
Because there are two different ways to get that move on the Pokémon. If you didn't put it under TMs AND Breeding, people might not know that u can get it both ways.
No, but then it would only make sense to put every compatible tm move under egg moves.
But not every TM can be passed down as an Egg Move :P
Really? why?