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I want to know that if there is a difference between pokemon sapphire and pokemon ruby so then I should play or not the pokemon ruby because I am going to defeat the elite four and champion and then I will not have anything to do only I can migrate to some other version of pokemon and play that versionand if ruby is not a good choice then which version of pokemon game I can migrate toand play with the same pokemon?is there any more difference like changed routes,different trainers or different gym leaders?

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In Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby, Hoenn is a little different, in terms of Pokemon available to catch. Some also are slightly more common in a certain version. Here's a short list of Pokemon who are predominantly in each version (Ruby on the left, Sapphire on the right):

Zigzagoon / Poochyena
Seedot / Lotad (Exclusives)
Nuzleaf / Lombre (Exclusives)
Mawile / Sableye (Exclusives)
Wingull / Taillow
Zangoose / Seviper (Exclusives)
Solrock / Lunatone (Exclusives)
Duskull / Shuppet
Dusclops / Banette
Groudon / Kyogre (Exclusives)

I THINK this is all of them. If I missed a few, please say so!

Also, the plots are slightly different in each version.

In Ruby, Team Magma is trying to awaken Groudon so that they can control it with the Blue Orb in order to expand the landmass. Your character ends up using the Red Orb to harness it.

In Sapphire, Team Aqua is trying to awaken and control Kyogre with the Red Orb so that they can expand and raise the water levels.Your character ends up using the Blue Orb to harness it.

Also, the title screens are a little different, but I think you knew that. =P

I think that covers everything! Hope I helped!

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Is it you, narwhals?
But, I have Zangoos and Seviper in my sapphire!
Yes, it's me, hahaha!
And you must've traded Zangoose from Ruby or Emerald. Catching both of them in the same game (besides Emerald) is impossible without a hack.
You did say that Seedot and Lotad are exclusive to each game, but I have a Seedot in my Sapphire (and a Lotad).

I'm almost positive, especially after having Serebii confirm it, and after playing the game for almost 9 years now.
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The pokemon are little different each game! and the biggest different are the legendary... when you play Sapphire, you will get Kyogre. and when you play Ruby, you will get Groudon. but you can get Rayquaza in both games! hope this usefull...

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