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The following spaces are empty in my pokedex.
Where can I find trainers who own them or where can I get them in the wild?

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Did you choose Snivy as your starter?
Yes I did.
Ok then you can only discover oshawott by trading and you could discover samorautt by using memory link and battling Bianca.
Well I dont have the previous games so I cant memory Link and my house has WPA2 wi-fi so i cant use it on my original DS for trading. But thanks for the help.
Well I just saw on Bulbapedia that the first four are impossible to see in my game only so... that kind of sucks. But thanks for the help.

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GO HERE, Search for any Pokemon, go to the near bottom and it will tell you the locations of that Pokemon! It's easy as that!

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not if they arnt found in the wild ._.
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Tropius- Route 18
Carnivine- Route 18
Rufflet- Can only be found in Pokemon white/white 2 so you have to trade.
Skitty-Can only be found in white 2 so you have to trade.
Oshawott-Trade/Aspertia city.
Samorutt-Trade/evolve dewott.

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I mean trade with someone else that has white/white2 or black/black2.