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I noticed that some moves are considered both special and physical when I look at the move in general and then look at it in, say, Generation III. For example, according to the database, Crabhammer is a special move in Gen III, but overall it's physical. I'm wondering if this is true.

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Well its quite simple, in Generation 1,2 and 3 Pokemon types where either Physical or Special not a mix. The following types where special: Grass, Fire, Electric, Water, Ice, Dragon, Physic, and Dark. The other 9 types were all Physical. So Crabhammer was Special in Generation 3 but changed to Phyiscal in Generation 4 and 5.

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Thank you very much.  I remember reading something about that, but I didn't know it went all the way until Gen 3.  I thought it might have only been the first 2.  So by this rule that means that even hyperbeam was physical too, yes?