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Well, I was testing this Question with Mew on Pokemon Showdown, and I saw that Sturdy, at times, was not activating before Focus Band (I was using Level One Pokemons). Which go me thinking...

Do Items have a certain priority, just like moves?
If so...
Are there specific items that will activate before an Ability?

Wow I can't find anything on that. I would say yes because Quick Claw allows your pokemon to move forst and then there is all the healing items.

There isn't a list or anything that I can find though.
Items go first ,we give items to pokemon for this reason .think ,which goes first ,a choice band or an ability ?of course the item!so my answer is that focus band activated first ...

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Quick Claw is the only Item that activates before an ability, but no, Items do not have a Priority.

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