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Can the move After You let the target execute a low-priority move before other moves with a higher priority than it?


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After You forces the target to attack first in the next turn. It can be targeted at opponents or team-mates.


It's in the description of the ability itself, that all moves, disregarding their priority bracket, will move first if they got hit by After You before the opponents' Pokémon moved.

Tested it through a battle also. Dragon Tail, a move with negative priority, hit first (before the opponents' zero priority moves) after Dragapult was targeted with After You.

Hope it helped.

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That's a great empirical example. Thank you!

However, it does bring up another question: Why wasn't the Buzzwole switched out immediately upon being hit by Dragon Tail? Was it a quirk of that demo, or are the side effects of negative-priority moves that are executed early delayed somehow?
There was no teammate of Buzzwole which it could have been switched out into. If there were more than two Pokémon in the team, Buzzwoule would've switched out to a randomized teammate. If it were singles, with two Pokémon in each team, it would've switched out, but in doubles, you need at least three for phazing moves to work.