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If you can provide numbers that'd be great too, but it's not necessary. I can look that up myself when the field's narrowed down.

If you don't know what 'negative priority' means, its the opposite of normal priority moves. That is to say, moves like Roar that force you to move after your opponent ignoring speed gaps.


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In generation VI:
Vital Throw, -1 priority
Focus Punch, -3 priority
Avalanche and Revenge, -4 priority
Counter and Mirror Coat, -5 priority
Circle Throw, Dragon Tail, Roar and Whirlwind, -6 priority
Trick Room, -7 priority

Generation V:
Magic Room and Wonder Room, -7 priority

There have also been some changes to the priority a move has. In generation I and II, all of the negative priority moves in those gens only had -1 priority.


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Updated to Generation 8:

-1 priority
Vital Throw

-3 priority
Beak Blast, Focus Punch, Shell Trap

-4 priority
Avalanche, Revenge

-5 priority
Counter, Mirror Coat

-6 priority
Circle Throw, Dragon Tail, Roar, Whirlwind, Teleport

-7 priority
Trick Room