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I have an idea. If I have this set for Lucario, will it work?

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252 atk/252speed/4hp

Swords Dance
Bullet Punch
(Need help on the last move)

Will this set work? If not, any suggestions?


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Yes it will work, although even at +2 you will be unlikely to OHKO much. Lucario has a base Speed of 90 which ties with Genesect, so you can run Swords Dance, Bullet Punch and then two other moves. The two I would suggest are High Jump Kick/Close Combat and Blaze Kick, Stone Edge, or Shadow Claw. This way you have a powerful reliable way to kill the opponent, with optional STAB priority. The problem with running priority attacks is that they often lack power.

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Although I might used Swords Dance 2 times and EXTREMESPEED DOES NOT LACK POWER, 80 base power. Now, which move should I use, close combat, or anything else that is steel or fighting, since Mega Lucarios ability is Adaptability?
Well if you're using Adaptability the favorite move is High Jump Kick for it's incredible power. That paired with Wish Passing is dangerous.
You're right, ESpeed doesn't lack power, for some reason I thought it was Base 60 (dear lord how long have I been playing pokemon?) Although Bullet Punch gets the adaptability boost it'll be just as good imo. Close COmbat or High Jump Kick will work, I wouldn't go for any other move tbh. Then I'd go for one of those coverage moves I mentioned up there.
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Yes, it will work, swords dance boosts the attack stat by 2 stages. And also some priority moves are physical. And the move for lucario could be quick attack or close combat for a last resort :P
Source: using swords dance 3 times and killing dianthas team with shadow sneak. Hope this helps!

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