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If Aegislash uses swords dance and then if it uses king's shield is it restart my stats?

I have a aegislash and need to sweep e4 and champion with it, so I need both the moves so is it ok to do both at anytime.

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The following effects are lost when a Pokemon undergoes any form change in battle, even without requiring it to switch:

  • Type changes, such as from Soak
  • Weight reduction from Autotomize
  • Directly spliced stat values from Power Split, Guard Split, Power Trick, or Speed Swap

Basic stat modifiers, such as Swords Dance, are none of these, and will be retained across form changes.

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What about abilities? I know this doesn't apply to Aegislash, but if another Pokemon was hit by worry seed and then changed form, would its ability still be insomnia?
In order to get a form change that isn't the result of an ability that's specifically immune to manipulation like that, you probably want to use Mega Evolution. It's straightforward to test (especially with megas that use announcing abilities like Charizard Y or Manectric) that mega evolving will erase the previous ability no matter what it is or how it was acquired, and change to the normal mega ability for the species.
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of course not!
You can use them both easily, just as people do in competitive. Other than, if you're using choice band. Then you are locked in one move. And if you switch, boosts disappear. Try not to do that.
Hope this helps!
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