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Just wanna know if I can use an Aegislash without Kings Shield in a casual playthrough, not intended for competitive but a playthrough only. If yes, are there any drawbacks of not using it?

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What game are you playing?

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This is only my opinion, but King’s Shield on Aegislash is paramount for it to function effectively, even in-game.

To begin, Aegislash has two forms: Blade Forme and Shield Forme. Aegislash always starts a battle in Shield forme, with Defense and Special Defense base stats of 140 and Attack and Special Attack base stats of 50. Aegislash changes to Blade Forme (and the stats switch to ATK 140, DEF 50, SPATK 140, SpDEF 50) any time it uses an attack while in Shield Forme. Using status moves keeps it in Shield Forme.

The signature move of Aegislash, King’s Shield, protects the user (like Protect) and lowers the opponents Attack by two stages (like Charm), but only if the opponent uses a contact move. If these were the only effects the move had, you could for sure choose another move to replace it.

However, Aegislash is very easily KO’ed in Blade Forme. This I know from personal experience using Aegislash in Pokémon X. If the OP wants an Aegislash that they can depend on to tank hits and hit hard back during an in-game play through, I’d say King’s Shield is required.

Alternatively, unless I misunderstand Aegislash’s formes, one could simply use Swords Dance first turn in Shield Forme and then use Shadow Sneak to run through in-game teams. And if that is a strategy the OP wishes to employ, King’s Shield could be forgone in place of another move. But that’s only if the OP is ok with Aegislash fainting several times in battle during their game.

Hope you’re all having a good day. Feedback appreciated!

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Swords Dance + Shadow Sneak is the safest strategy without Kings Shield, yes. I will say, I've never been very fond of using protecting moves in a playthrough, so I would just use SD for staying in Shield Forme. Then again, I've only ever used Eviolite Doublade in playthroughs because I hate dealing with Stance Change (also, I use a No Guard + Swords Dance + Fury Cutter strategy, which is surprisingly good).

Anyway, that said, nice answer.
Thanks, Y! I actually really like that Eviolite Doublade moveset strat. I’ll have to try it out sometime. :)
You're welcome! And thank you! I'm currently using it in my playthrough of Y, and it's been pretty good for me so far. :)
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Actually, no there isn't any drawbacks, except you might take more damage because you cannot revert to your shield form. But there are many movesets that you can use even without King's Shield. Some people may use Autotomize or Iron Head to cover for King's Shield. But in game, everything is supposed to be OK. Whether you have Swords Dance or Shadow Sneak, the game doesn't tell you what to do. It's an RPG. But, yes, it think it is OK not to have King's Shield on your Aegislash, though I would have it just to be safe (and extra protection)!