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I Evolved her from a Duoblade into an Aegislash at Lvl. 37 (dumb Move, should have waited for Sacred Sword), anf now she is currently at Lvl. 45, amd has yet to learn the signature Move. I'm aware that I can go to the Move Relearner in Dendemille to Learn it, I am asking why she hasn't Learned it Leveling up....

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Probably because you evolved it at level 45. You should of waited until doublade was level 51-55. It will learn King's Shield and secret sword at the same time so that is why it didn't learn king's shield. You can also do to the move relearner to remember it if you want to.

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Alright, thanks for explaining that. And at what Level will Aegislash learn both Moves?
Level 51-55
I evolved my Doublade immediately after it learned Sacred Sword at Level 51, and it still didn't learn King's Shield.  As far as I can tell, only the Move Reminder can teach it King's Shield since it's a starting (Level 1) move.
he said thet it evolved at 31
i have only learn sacred sword no king sheild
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Like most pokémon that evolve with an evolution stone, Aegislash doesn't learn any moves by levelling up. Only method now is the Move Relearner.

So in order to get ageslash to learn king's shield you must evolve doublade when it is at least lvl 51 then go to the move reminder and kind's shield should be in the list of moves to remember. BAMM!!! AND THE PAIN IS GONE...  it took me over an hour to figure that out lol