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Hey guys. I faced an opponent online who had an Aegislash (Shield Forme if that makes a difference) with Kings Shield. As far as i've observed Kings Shield operates the same way as Protect. Although that's only an observation I noticed some differences with Kings Shield. When I hit the Aegislash that used Kings Shield with a physical move (i think it was Waterfall) my Swampert's Attack fell by two levels and I was able to bypass Kings Shield with Thunder Wave. Can someone please explain Kings Shield's mechanics? i'm a bit confused about how its meant to work.


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King's Shield is a move with +3 priority. It protects the user from any attacking move. For example, King's Shield will protect you from ThunderBolt. But it won't protect you from Confuse Ray or Attract.

Also, King's Shield lowers the Attack sharply of a foe that makes contact while using a physical move. For example, Earthquake is physical, but doesn't make contact, whereas ThunderPunch is physical and makes contact.

Source - Battling my brother's Aegislash over 20 times.

Yeah but do you actually know why certain moves bypass it and why contact moves lower a Pokemon's attack stat by 2 stages?
I guess it lowers contact moves by -2 and allows status moves to bypass it.
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The thing with Kings Shield is that if you attack Aegislash while using Kings Shield with a move that makes contact (For an example Rock Slide is physical move but doesn´t make contact Blaze Kick is physical and makes contact) the attacking Pokemon gets its own attack lowered with -2. It also got +3 priority. Thunder doesn´t make contact whilst Waterfall does.

Source Facing many Aegislashes in Wi-Fi Battles and showdown

"Waterfall doesn´t make contact whilst Waterfall does" yup.
Thanks I forgot I´m so hungry
I guess i already knew all that and just needed some assurance. Although do you know why King's Shield lowers a Pokemon's attack stat and why status moves and ones like Confuse Ray bypasses it? I just don't understand why that is when it isn't able with Protect or Spiky Shield.
t could be that Aegi slash uses his own body as shield