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Will Kangaskhan get its stats improved then reduced or just reduced?

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The actual answer?

None of the above

Funnily, Qwerty is also wrong

Power-up Punch is a fighting type move
Aegislash is a ghost type
So Aegislash is immune to Power-up Punch
Need proof? Look at this replay

Yeah, King's Shield does not ignore type immunities. So in that case, Fighting and Normal attacks will have no effect - King's Shield's attack lowering effect WILL NOT TAKE PLACE.

Hypothetically if it hit somehow, Parental Bond does not hit twice on King's Shield. Only the first time.

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Hahaha I forgot it lost scrappy xD
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Let's see it this way:
Power-up Punch increases attack by 1 stage
King's Shield decrases the opponent's attack by 2 stages on physical impact
So on one Power-up punch, the attack will go down by 1 stage (2-1 = 1 lol)
Hence on two hits (Parental Bond's courtesy) the attack for Kangaskhan will go down by 2.
(need I explain?)

Source - My Greymatter
Hope I helpd!