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Does Power-up Punch on Mega Kangaskhan raise its Attack on both hits? So gives a total of +2 Attack after being used. Or does it Attack twice, but only raise its Attack once?

If it is the first option, then that would be an awesome move for it, as it is basically a Swords Dance that hurts the opponent at the same time.


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Yes, it does.

>Any attack which has a secondary effect has the same secondary effect on the second hit.

The only exception is Circle Throw, where it'll hit twice, but only force the Pokemon out after the second hit.

As for Power-up Punch being an awesome move for Kangaskhan, it is as long as you're not facing a Ghost type.

Parental Bond

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/dodges Water Shurikens
cough cough *scrappy
Mega-Kangaskhan has Parental Bond, not Scrappy.
So it works for drain punch too?
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Yes it raises on both hits, very common strategy.

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