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And also for my planned Kanga Crush Claw or Dizzy punch?
Planned moveset:
Jolly nature
-Dizzy Punch/Crush Claw
-Sucker Punch
Also suggest a last move!
Do not in any way change the moveset if you can otherwise if it's really bad feel free to change it.
Rest of my team:
Noivern (special)
Infernape (physical)
Tyrantrum (physical)
Greninja (special)
Aegislash (physical)
Alakazam/Kangaskhan (my mega)
Should I stick with Alakazam?
EDIT: Also include Dizzy Punch or Crush Claw in one of those Kang movesets! Also I do not have Pokebank so do not suggest any tutor moves!

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splash trust me
the moveset for kanga shud be sucker punch, fake out/earthquake, power-up-punch and return
No offense, but your team is extremely unbalanced, the only thing that is remotely bulky is Aegislash, in its Shield Form. The rest of the team will get 2HKO by any decent powered neutral move, and Alakazam isn't going to help with this. So in this case Kangaskhan > Alakazam probably, but Kangaskhan isn't really going ot help your team on the defensive side either, it has no resistances. Hyper offensive teams can be effective, but none of your pokemon really have enough fire power, and you still need a Pokemon that can take hits. I would recommend getting a completely different Pokemon altogether, a bulky one, if not a complete wall. No one says you have to have a Mega on your team.

tl;dr: Reform your team.

If this is for ingame: I never said anything :P

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Your team could do with a heck a lot of improvements.

But I'll just state the better one among the two.

Kangaskhan (Wrath of Khan) @ Kangaskhanite
Ability: Scrappy
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Return
- Fake Out / Power-up Punch
- Sucker Punch
- Crunch / Earthquake


  • As stated in the comments, your team lacks any forms of bulk (aside from Aegislash) and Kangaskhan's defenses are not really much to sneeze at. Alakazam however, is as frail as a strand of grass.
  • Alakazam's prime role (special sweeper) is already taken up by Greninja and somewhat by Noivern. Kangaskhan's role is akin to a set-up sweeper, which your team doesn't have.
  • Kangaskhan's only weakness is fighting, which is well covered in your team.
  • Alakazam adds to the weaknesses of the team while not really doing much in return.

Hope I helped!

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What are the improvements may I ask?
1. More bulk and coverage
2. Healing of that huge ground and fairy weakness
3. Overall very one-sided pokemon and next to no switch in opportunities
4. Weakness to status; like Thunder Wave and Will-O-Wisp. Not one pokemon in your team enjoys taking either. Many Rotom-W carry one of these moves, which can be a bother
5. Your team hates Rotom-W as said earlier, which is very common
6. Weakness to strong priority like Talonflame's Brave Bird
7. A fairly big fighting weakness

Some of the major flaws I found, it's possible I could be missing some stuff though