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Currently I've been using a successful mega khan set consisting of power-up punch, return, earthquake, and sucker punch. Sucker punch is great to hit Pokemon faster than me that can possibly end my sweep, but lately I've been getting trouble from gourgeist and trevenant who are seeing increased usage. I can't hit them with sucker punch since they don't attack and do a sub-leech strategy. These Pokemon walling me gets annoying and I don't know if I should use crunch to end these annoyances. Help me out.


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Honestly, It comes down to personal preference.

I'm gonna just come out and say that i'm biased towards sucker punch, as I was traumatized by gengar several times. Also depends on your team, here's what I reccomend:

If you're going with it as a late-game sweeper, use sucker punch.

If you're using it as a wallbreaker or to put pressure on certain Pokemon, use crunch just for Pokemon like gorgeist.

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