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I run a mega Absol mixed sweeper, and I have the special moves down but the physical moves are undecided,. Can someone tell me which one of the two is better in the STAB moves and the Fighting coverage moves?

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Mega Absol has a maximum speed of 361 and 438 attack.

Night Slash vs Sucker Punch

Also Sucker Punch has 80 base-power while Night Slash has 70 base-power, but if Sucker Punch fails, it can cost the game and you may lose.
Since Sucker Punch is used for slow Pokémon and for outspeed them when having low HP, I think Night Slash should be better or Knock Off that takes off the item and ruining the strategy of the opponent.
Both attacks receive STAB.

Play Rough vs Psycho Cut

Psycho Cut has a 70 base-power and critical hits land more easy, deals with Fight/Poison while Play Rough has 90 base-power. For you get a critical-hit you need lucky, even with the critical-increase.
Play Rough has more power and is very used in competitive, is fairy-type and deals with Dragon/Dark/Fight.
Play Rough has more power and deals with more types.
Mega-Absol can't hold items such as Razor Claw, so that's bad.
Both attacks don't get STAB and deal with Fight Pokémon.

Hope this helps.

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your fine I was just pointing out there typeing.
Fighting and Fire, Fighting and Steel, are going to resist Play Rough because of there typing but Psycho Cut will take them down  but Play Rough will take down other Dark types and Dragon types along with the Fighting and Dark types that Psycho Cut can't, so really there better together.
my luck sucks but i stil dont know which to take between play rough and psycho cutt
(by my luck it means. getting 5 turns para 1 poke hen faint then 4 turns para faint all in a row...)
also i frequently miss 95 accuracy moves
I would go with Psyco Cut in your case.
+ OriginalGamer100

Fighting , fire and fighting again?