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I want a good moveset for physical mega Absol, but I can't get superpower. I found out that psycho cut was really good for Absol, but I also saw that aerial ace gave more coverage. Which one should I take for mega Absol? Should I maybe have both?

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also, what move should I have instead of one of the above?

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After dibbling around in Smogon for a while, I have come up with this: Superpower is a staple move for any Absol. However, seeing as you have no access to it, the better choice would probably be Psycho Cut. Aerial Ace gives more coverage, however it doesn't have the power (or handy crit chance) that Psycho Cut has. The suggested moveset would be:

  • Sucker Punch
  • Psycho Cut
  • Pursuit
  • Perish Song/Stone Edge/Play Rough/Superpower

If you choose Stone Edge for the final moveslot, the set is resisted by 11 Pokémon. If you choos Play Rough (egg move, may be difficult to get), the set is resisted by 3 Pokémon. If you are able to get Superpower, the set is resisted by NO Pokémon. Perish Song forces switches, but it's risky.

Hope you have some Super Luck with your Absol! (see what I did there?)

My original moveset for Mega Absol was:
•Night Slash
•Psycho Cut
•Aerial Ace
•Swords Dance

My ability would be Magic Bounce, not Super Luck. I was wondering if I should keep both, or switch one of them.
Sucker Punch is generally preferred over Night Slash, but either move works. Being as frail as it is, Mega Absol will only get up Swords Dance and then get KO'ed the next turn. Replace either Aerial Ace or SD with Stone Edge. Using both Psycho Cut and Aerial Ace is fine, but if possible get Play Rough and Superpower.

Oh, and Super Luck was a joke.