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No matter what Pokemon type I use Aerial Ace on, the damage bar drops really fast, even if it isn't a KO. This happens in both the xy and oras games. Is there a reason for why?

I'd actually like to know this as well. It might be the animation that goes with it, Aerial Ace and Retaliate have quite similar animations and the HP bar drops relatively fast when they hit. It might just be an animation glitch or something.

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I'm not sure, the only people that truly answer this question with 100% accuracy would be game freak themselves. but here' a short little theory. What if it depends on the animation time? It might sound crazy but the animation of close combat is fairly short, and the hp bar drops insanely fast, and with longer moves (say Flamethrower) takes more time for the battle animation, and the hp bar drops slower.
Source: Personal Experience.
Hope this helps!-Salamaster13

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i think your right
Yeah I think they do that just to add to the feel of the animation.
But hey, that's just a theory. A game theory! Thanks for watching. I had to say it.
Sorry for this really really late reply, but yes, i think that you're right. Very good thought-out answer. Now that you pointed it out I notice what you're saying too. Thank you!