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This costed me the whole battle, new X/Y mechanic maybe? Sucker Punch is +1 priority , why didn't it hit first? Assuming their Talonflame was maxed out in speed, my Mawile had 0 Speed investment. Can an excessively speedier Pokemon now override a +1 priority move from a slow one?


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No, excessive speed doesn't override priority. The reason is;
Talonflame's ability Gale Wings increases the priority of all flying moves by 1 - so Brave Bird had a +1 on it as well, just like Sucker Punch, And since Talonflame's speed is higher, it will go first as they're both in the same priority bracket.

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And Sucker Punch fails if your opponent uses a priority move and is faster than you.
lol, I thought its priority was +2