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http://pokemondb.net/news/70/more-black-white-2-details According to this Unova should be partly frozen over...

Was this wrong? Because I haven't been following those news things lately.

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Ok so Professor Juniper tells you to talk to Drayden right? So when you have beaten Drayden at his gym you have to follow him to his house. Go inside and he will talk to you. When he has finished talking you are taken outside because of a loud bang. Then Opelcuid city has been turned into a Glacier.
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It would have happened if you hadnt defeated team plasma.I think Zinzolin will say that using kyurem's power,we will freeze the whole unova.But it didnt go as planned as you(The main character) stopped team plasma from doing such a thing and also defeating kyurem in giant chasm.If you hadnt defeated kyurem and team plasma,then the unova region will have been completely frozen,Apparentely it didnt happen.Only oplecuid city was filled with glacier.

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