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What I mean is that HAPPI has a rule where at least one teamate must stay behind when the team goes on a really long adventure far away, and so you must leave behind one of your friends when going, which ends up being Emolga. BUT you can have other Pokemon added to your team that you befriend from the quests you do for Pokemon. Why can't you just leave one of the Pokemon you befriended?
That part in the story is kind of harsh to those befriended.. If I were one of the befriended Pokemon I would feel offended if the others did that. How? Well then that would mean they don't consider me a teamate. I understand that it's possible to go without befriending a single Pokemon from a dungeon and the game wouldn't actually know because it's not storyline. But then it seems so weird. Couldn't the game just let you choose which Pokemon stayed behind? Maybe add something to the game where if you befriend another Pokemon it will change that part of the storyline?
Your other teamates are left out, and it's not fair to them. EVEN ON THE QUEST TO THE GREAT GLACIER you can befriend Pokemon.. to send to Paradise. Is there an explanation for this? I'm sorry for my really long question but I'm just curious if there is something that I didn't understand in the story.

And while I'm at it I might as well say that only four Pokemon from the team can leave at one time on a single adventure.. another rule of HAPPI. And this isn't the reason for the fifth needing to stay behind because they would have all gone if it werent for the need of at least one mon staying behind. And another thing- Umbreon and Espeon joined the team.. which also breaks that rule. They also joined the team BEFORE going through the Magnegate.

Again sorry for the gigantic question but I really want to know the reason and if I fully understand that part of the story.. or if it's just a bunch of Pokelogic thrown in.


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If you go by the story line, it's because you, your partner, Emolga, Virizion and Dunsparce are the main characters and the founders of your team, which means that the 5 of you manage the team, and therefore one of you must stay behind in order to look after the admin side of things.

Adventuring is not all swashbuckling and glamour. A lot of it's bureaucracy.

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Thanks for clearing that up for me.. I was confused.
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It's just in the story line. When the mission is over you get the option of taking emolga or not like you always had